About Quality Kohler Engine Performance Parts


The Kohler name is one of the most respected in the small engine world. When you look at a Kohler engine parts breakdown and analyze them one by one, it’s easy to see why. This company combines technical innovation with relentless quality control to ensure that every engine they make can withstand the tests of time and endurance.

This company believes that an engine is only as good as the parts that go into it. A look at the features included in some of their engines demonstrates this principle.

The sum of Kohler Command engine parts results in a range of outstanding engines. The Command PRO CS series of engines range in horsepower from 4 to 12.75 HP. They operate smoothly in all weather conditions, are fuel efficient and are very quiet running. This compact engines feature a slant cylinder design with an overhead valve and a steel forged crankshaft.

Then there is the Command PRO. With a compact horizontal motor, this engine features the patented Quad-Clean Cyclonic air filter system. This filtration is the secret behind its ability to operate flawlessly even in the worst weather conditions. It comes with an unprecedented three year warranty for commercial use. The Quad-Clean 4 stage system is an outstanding example of Kohler engine parts.

Because this company is so innovative, even great engines like their Magnum undergo changes over the years. This does not mean that owners of older models will no longer be able to get Kohler Magnum engine parts for their model. On the contrary, this company is committed to making the entire range of Kohler engine performance parts available to owners and repair technicians.

It is easy to get all Kohler engine parts online. There is an extensive list of all parts, including Kohler carburetor parts. Especially useful is the Kohler engine parts diagram, which helps you easily locate the part you need and order it online. Delivery is fast and guaranteed, so there is no need to worry about its timely arrival.

Of course, to ensure the long life of your engine, regular maintenance is a must. This is especially important at the beginning of the mowing season, when your lawn mower has not been used for some time. Ideally, you should give it a thorough check and especially be sure to check that there is no water contaminated fuel. Also, it’s a good idea to change the spark plug at the beginning of the season.

Since so many Kohler motor parts are subjected to regular friction and the stress of hard work, regular maintenance is the only way to make sure your engine lasts for many useful years. Remember – if you need them, just get your Kohler engine parts online anytime you need to.

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What is a Zero Turn Mower and Why is it so Special?

Are you looking for a mower that is fast and efficient? Do you want the best results for lawn care? Consider purchasing a zero turn mower.

What are Zero Turn Mowers?

Zero turn mowers, are mowers that have a zero turning radius. This is achieved through different means depending on the model and brand of the machine. The most common means is the application of hydraulic speed control on each of the drive wheels.
Most modern machines have four wheels. The front tires are small and can swivel. The two back tires are large and are considered the drive tires.
The steering controls vary depending on brand and model. However, most modern machines feature two throttles instead of a steering wheel. These are used to control the direction of each of the two drive wheels as well as their rotational speeds.

What Makes Them So Special

There are many benefits of using zero turn mowers over others:
1. Increased maneuverability
Each drive wheel on the machine has a motor. This provides the driver with great maneuverability as each wheel can be controlled independently. The driver can therefore drive in just about any direction by shifting the throttles.
2. Faster
They will help you spend less time mowing the grass. They are known to mow the same space within half the time that others take. This is mainly attributed to their greater maneuverability. You can get around obstacles much faster and change direction with greater ease.
3. Better results
If you want to achieve a professionally manicured lawn, then zero turn mowers are the best option for you. The blade tip speed is much higher than that of regular machines. This means you’ll get a better cut and the result will look much better than if you chose to use regular mowers.
4. Lower consumption of fuel
You can save money in the long run with this equipment. Since you will spend less time mowing, you will find that you use less fuel to achieve the desired results.
5. Machines that last longer
Purchasing and maintaining equipment often can be very costly. You don’t have to worry about this with these machines. Because they allow you to use a shorter duration to care for your lawn, there is less wear and tear on them compared to their average counterparts. Your mower will therefore last much longer.
6. Less yard trimming required
You don’t have to spend as much time trimming your yard as you would when you use a regular machine. The increased maneuverability ensures that you can get really close to objects around the lawn.
7. Improved mulching
The high speed blade tip ensures that you chop leaves and other materials better. This means that you will achieve more efficient mulching.
Purchasing a z-turn mower is definitely a wise choice if you want the best results in the shortest time possible.

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Getting That First Lawn Mower

Who would not want their lawns or golf green to appear trim and beautiful? Good mowers will do the necessary job of developing your lawn look nice and clean. With the wide selection of mowers now available in the market, mowing is no longer an arduous task but is therapeutic providing you with time amongst the greenery and the chance to indulge in some type of a physical exercise.

Amongst the numerous brands of mowers available in the market, the john deere lawn mowers are well-known and enjoy an enviable reputation in gardening equipment. Although pricey, they offer value because of their worth and they are reputed for their impeccable top quality. These mowers are available in varied size and shapes for both home in addition to commercial reasons. Sustained by a vast network of dealers, mechanics and distributors, john deere mowers give you good value.

Reel lawn mowers are best suited to lawns that are not very large and can do having a general weekly touch-up. They impart an even more natural look to the lawns as compared to the manicured look. But, reel lawn mowers are a fantastic option for those who is going to be particular about mowing whenever the grass is ready to be cut. Without requiring any machine-mechanisms and being noise-free, they are a fantastic hit with environmentalists. They have got sharp blades which can make the task of cutting grass lighter.

Riding lawnmowers are getting to be tremendously popular in spite of their high costs because of the comfort factor. They’ve engines along at the rear and also the operator can sit on the mower while cutting grass. There’s two sorts of riding lawnmowers. The traditional one is slower as opposed to zero-turn mower plus takes longer to turn. The standard mower is cheaper compared to zero-turn model although the latter is a bit more popular. All very reputable riding lawn mowers are designed by craftsman, snapper, john deere amongst others.

The number of snapper mowers is broad and reasonably priced thus rendering it perfect for newly-enthusiastic home gardeners. They can be employed for homes and commercial places and also the Fast cut zero turn designs is ideally suited for this purpose. This design has good seating and can be maneuvered effortlessly.

The scrambler zero turn models, though smaller in dimensions are apt for tight spaces and smaller mowing places. The push or self-propelled system will come in the Snapper Walk-behind lawn mowers. The walk-behind series come in many types – one type is competent at recycling rubbish from your lawn as you move the other possesses a vacuum powerful enough not to drop clippings while mowing. Another type is made to tackle uneven areas. Snapper mowers have a very dedicated network of sellers through whom a few are sold.

Consistently high quality and versatility are synonymous with craftsman mowers. Their various versions offer multiple-speeds, mulching features, electric start and also a push reel mower which is very competitively priced but maintaining top quality and support.

The new-age mowers are a joy to work with and help making your lawn look cut and tidy.

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Riding Lawn Mowers: 4 Quick Tips to Help You Choose the Best Mower

Have a large lawn or field on your property, and are sick of taking up your entire Saturday just to get the stupid thing mowed? If any of these are the case, you might very well want to look into getting a riding mower to help make your life a whole a lot easier.

As you may know, a riding lawnmower is basically a small tractor with a permanently attached mower component. Since they are self propelled and cover a wide swatch of grass with each path, they work great for those who have large yards or fields to deals with on a regular basis. However, if you have a small yard, the large size and relative lack of maneuverability when compared to a push style mower might not make it very convenient, and certainly not worth the extra cost.

However, if you known you want a good riding mower, how do you go about choosing the best one? Well, there are several factors to look for. You need to be considering size, horse power, ability to include attachments, reliability, cost, brand reputation, and more. It’s not easy, but for a large purchase like this, doing your homework is always recommended. The following should help you make sense of some of these factors you need to consider before purchasing your riding lawn mower.

Choosing a riding mower!

Firstly, you need to make sure you get the right size of mower. Too small, and you’re not going to get the job done any faster. Too large, and you’ll have a huge, bulky, expensive vehicle that won’t be as maneuverable as you might want for a smaller yard. The size of the mower is measured by the size of the “mowing deck.” Many push style mowers uses a 20″ deck, whereas riding mowers ad lawn tractors generally start at 30″ and go up from there. Try to calculate how wide your yard is. You can then use this number to figure out how many passes you would need to mow the lawn with any given size of mower.

Secondly, you should look into horse power. The higher the horse power, the better you can handle hills, cut thick grass, pull special attachments, etc. If you’re just trying to keep your suburban lawn looking neat, this might not be a high priority, but if you’ve got huge fields of hilly tall grass to mow, you’ll appreciate that extra power quite quickly. Just make sure you get enough for your needs, and you should do OK.

Of critical importance for many is the turning radius of the mower. If you can’t turn tightly enough, you’ll never be able to get the corners looking good. This usually means some sort of compromise with the size, but always check the manufacturers specs to see what they list. Some of the larger models might surprise you with their nimble turning radii.

Finally, the most important factor in choosing a riding mower is reliability. The last thing you want to be doing is fussing around fixing your mower, so be sure to choose a brand with a good reputation for dependability and an abundance of available spare parts. If you skimp and get a cheap, flaky mower, you will most definitely regret it.

So, I hope this all has help you see what you need to do to choose a good mower for your needs. It’s not rocket science, to be sure, but a little homework and consideration goes a long way into making your mower work well for you. Here’s to the success of your lawn!

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